Automate workload IAM policies: zero-friction development, zero-trust security.

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Effortless discovery, seamless automation, limitless scaling!

Say goodbye to wrestling with AWS IAM, Azure IAM, Google Cloud IAM, network policies, and database access. Just tell us what your services need to call, and let Otterize handle the rest. Simplify your infrastructure, on your terms!

Discover like a pro

No more hunting for security gaps! Otterize makes it a breeze to find sensitive services in your Kubernetes cluster. Map clusters and zero in on where you need that extra layer of protection, all without breaking a sweat.

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Automate with confidence

Say goodbye to security stress! Otterize is your trusty sidekick that takes the heavy lifting off your plate. It automatically generates zero-trust policies based on your app's needs, securing your services effortlessly.

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Scale without limits

As your digital kingdom grows, so does your security, thanks to Otterize. Scaling up is a walk in the park. Safeguard more services and teams smoothly with automatic pull requests—it's security made simple!

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Your go-to hub for Kubernetes security and tech know-how

  • Network
  • Kubernetes
  • Network Policy
  • Zero-trust
May 16 2024
Otter this world: How to chart Kubernetes egress traffic with Otterize

Discover how Otterize helps you gain visibility into your egress Kubernetes connections.

  • Zero-trust
  • Kubernetes
  • Network
  • IBAC
May 13 2024
Breaking bad policies: Crafting perfect Istio authorization policies and ingress authentication with Otterize

Learn Istio fundamentals for authorization policies and request authentication, and how Otterize automates application security and zero-trust.

  • Kubernetes
  • IBAC
  • Zero-trust
  • IAM
  • AWS
  • EKS
  • ACK
Apr 29 2024
Scheduler vs. API Proxy: Balancing Kubernetes data-plane and control-plane for optimal zero-trust IAM security with Otterize

Discover how to automate zero-trust IAM security for EKS applications and AWS resources using AWS Controllers for Kubernetes (ACK) and Otterize.

Automate workload IAM, intuitively

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